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Mankind is currently facing catastrophic and turbulent times owing to drastic effects of climate change, shortage of energy sources and environmental disaster. To alleviate these problems viable solutions were provided in the book “Can biofuels alleviate energy and environmental crisis“?” by the consultant of this firm.   The rulers, policy makers, industrial personnel, academicians and young researchers need constant counseling to overcome the problems they face each day during these catastrophic times of resource mismanagement and resource shortages.   The consultant of this firm, Dr Indra Neel Pulidindi, has 19 years of rich experience in scientific research and has been a productive chemist addressing  the challenges mankind is facing and has been providing adaptable solutions to overcome  these problems from time to time.   The objective of the consultancy is to reach out to the rulers, policy makers, industrial personnel, academicians and young researchers by offering viable solutions for the problems they face in their scientific profession and career.  The services provided by the consultancy are more specific to the Indian context as Indian Science is far behind and less productive in terms of the number of patents awarded and the number of publications per year compared to the nearest neighbour China with similar magnitude of population. Especially, the young researchers in India need proper counselling, motivation, guidance and  lead to make leaps and bounds in their scientific career overcoming the hurdles they face each day and the purpose of this consultancy is to provide such timely expert counselling and services

Services Provided

Advice to overcome industrial problems

Problems related to Chemistry and chemical processes


Interpretation of analytical results

UV Vis, FT-IR, Raman, NMR, EPR, XPS, XRD, BET-sorptometry, SEM-EDAX, TEM, XRF, XRM, TG-DTA,  HPLC

Drafting Research Proposals for funding

Ideas for drafting proposals for funding

Scientific research manuscripts

English and scientific editing of research manuscripts

Scientific repository

My  struggle for an education

10th std
12th std

 B Sc marks sheet

B Sc certificate

 M Sc I year marks sheet

M Sc II year marks sheet

M Sc certificate

 Prof M N Shastry gold medal 2002

Prof Sambhashiva rao prize 2001

GATE 2002

Ph D certificate 2010

Aadhar card neel_31 12 2020

Pulidindi_CV_1 3 2022


Surface functionality of Carbon materials

Books/book chapters on Chemistry

Chemical bonding

Inorganic Chemistry, Taro Saito_19 2 2022

Lee JD, Concise inorganic Chemistry_lee 5ed.pdf_18 2 2022

CRC hand book


Nature of chemical bonding Pauling.pdf

chemical bonding 2



Artificial Sun_30 4 2007

Carbon materials_NCCR_ebook_15 1 2022

Hf control rods_Nuclear reactor safety_15 1 2022

Sorbents for Hg_Amitava Srimany final_thesis

Aoife C. Power and Aoife Morrin, Electroanalytical methods

Booklet-The-Structures-of-Life 2007 Charles Van Deventer,


Physical chemistry for Beginners

Chemical Kinetics 3527330747_c01

Chemical Kinetics, Vivek Patel


Elementary chemistry, guidetoelementar00cool, Cooly, 1886

Graeme M Walker,

bioethanol-science-and-technology-of-fuel-alcohol, 2014 Hamilton P Cady, generalchemistry00cadyrich, 1916 Harry B. Gray,

Electrons_Chemical_Bonding, 1965 Howard DeVoe , v8-screen,

Chemical thermodynamics INO_0001,

Taro Saito, Inorganic chemistry

Laidler_ChemicalKineticsandtheoriginsofPhysicalChemistry Laidler_ChemicalKineticsandtheoriginsofPhysicalChemistry2 Leo Lue,

chemical-thermodynamics, 2014 Michalis Konsolakis,

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (1) Miguel Valcarcel,

Analytical chemistry, 2012

Nanoparticles for Catalysis, Gracia Njegomir Radić and Lea Kukoc-Modun,

Kinetic methods of analysis Peter and Soren

Essential of chemistry

quantitativechem00thorrich, thorpe Romain Elsair,

fundamentals-of-chemistry, 2012 Samuel Glastone,

introductiontoel031801mbp, 1942

textbookofphysic00lincrich, A T Linclon, 1913

Visualizing Chemistry, Bookshelf_NBK61764, National Academy of Sciences, 2006

Biodiesel_Dr Alex _Ph D Thesis_ 13 12 2016 12 30 pm

Glucose from glycogen_Ph D Thesis 1 4 2015

Inhibition of oral diseases_Michal Ph.D. Thesis

Saint Augustine_Confessions_17 12 2019

Books on Theology



Andhra Kristhava Keerathanalu_printable book_7 7 2021
hosannaaanandakeerthanlau-21_7 7 2021

parama geetamulu_songs_lyrics

Seeyonu Geetamulu_7 7 2021

Telugu Christian Songs Lyrics_7 7 2021

Yese Pranam_2016-edtd-nycil-book-decem-2-final-pmd

The everlasting man_ G K Chesterton_17 9 2021


Heaven_A place, A city, A home_E M Bounds_17 1 2022


The Life And Diary Of David Bra – David Brainerd


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Lecture at Allahabad Christian College

Reinforcing polymers_Group seminar_18 6 2020

Gedanken_Biological fuels_Taiwan 23 2 2012

Gedanken_Jerusalem 22 10 2013

Michael S Briggs_Biodiesel

Dr Miri Charvin_Ph.D results

Wayne Davies_biodiesel_2005

Dr Alex Tangy_PhD prososal_24 3 2015

Dr Archana


Dr Archana_Wound dressing_hydrogels

Biodiesel_sea sand_10 8 2014


Biomass to Fuels_Investor 3 1 2013

Israel Canada Workshop 8 11 2015 final

CO2 reduction_ 31 7 2016

Bioethanol_ Nano Israel poster 2 2 2016

Algea project report 23 4 2014

Alternate Energy Sources 14 2 2014


CO2 photoreduction

Dr Betina_Bioethanol

Dr Betina_MeOH electrooxidation

Dr Inda Neel_Fuel_cells_19_8_2010

Catalytic steam reforming_ 23 11 2015

Hydrogen Production

Kamin grant exam_6 10 2016

Kamin grant exam_6 10 2016


Kamin Proposal ppt 4 7 2017 final

Lactic acid_group seminar_12 8 2013

MoE Proposal ppt 27 7 2016

NANO Israel Miri Klein

Biofuels_Gedanken_Japan, November 2015

CO2 reduction_18 5 2015

Betina_Bioethanol_Ph DProposal exam_10-6-14

Composite foam films_ 2 6 2014

Levulinic acid production from biomass 22 1 2017

Biomass conversion_5th Dec 2016 final

Carbon dots_glucose sensor_ 23 3 2014 Neel

CO2 based biorefinery_ 20 10 2014

Levulinic acid_pulidindi_Kim poster 8 5 2017

spontaneous and nonspontaneous reactions


Ultrasound for bioethanol_25 10 2020


Application of nanomaterials 17 10 2018 final

CFRPs_Professor Wang’s group_13 4 2019

Lecture in Professor Wang’s group 25 4 2019

Renewable energy Options Seminar 3 4 2018

Biofuels for the Alleviation of Energy and Environmental Crises 1 12 2018

Group seminar_ 11 7 2019

Group seminar_2 8 2019

Group seminar_7 6 2019

Group seminar_10 10 2019

Group seminar_17 10 2019

Group seminar_19 9 2019

Group seminar_22 5 2019

About the Scientific consultant Dr Indra Neel Pulidindi

  • Ph D – Awarded from IIT Madr from the department of Chemistry under the supervision of
    Professor T K Varadarajan with Professor B Viswanathan as co-supervisor in the year 2010
Postdoctoral experience
  • In Professor Xinling Wang’s laboratory, SJTU, China, 2019-2021
  • In Professor Tae Hyun Kim’s laboratory, Hanyang university, Korea, 2016-2017
  • In Professor Gedanken’s laboratory, Bar Ilan University, Israel, 2010-2016
Editorial experience –
  • Guest editor to Bioengineering, Sustianability
  • Editorial member of the journal Coronaviruses, Research in Ecology, Catalysts and catalysts, Chemical Engineering
  • Referee to over 20 MDPI, Bentham, Elsevier and ACS journals and refereed over 100 manuscripts

Payment of service charges via phone pe/through bank transfer Dr Indra Neel Pulidindi A/c No. 10620930265 State Bank of India, IIT Chennai branch IFSC code: SBIN0001055 SWIFT code: SBININBB453
Dr Indra Neel Pulidindi A/c No. 2722101003374 Canara Bank, IIT Madras branch IFSC code: CNRB0002722 SWIFT code: CNRBINBBIIT

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