Mankind is currently facing catastrophic and turbulent times owing to drastic effects of climate change, shortage of energy sources and environmental disaster.

To alleviate these problems viable solutions were provided in the book “Can biofuels alleviate energy and environmental crisis“?” by the consultant of this firm.  

The rulers, policy makers, industrial personnel, academicians and young researchers need constant counselling to overcome the problems they face each day.

During these catastrophic times of resource mismanagement and resource shortages. 

The consultant of this firm, Dr Indra Neel Pulidindi, has 19 years of rich experience in Scientific research and has been a productive chemist addressing  the challenges mankind is facing and has been providing adaptable solutions to overcome these problems from time to time. 

The objective of the consultancy is to reach out to the rulers, policy makers, industrial personnel, academicians and young researchers by offering viable solutions for the problems they face in their scientific profession and career.

The services provided by the consultancy are more specific to the Indian context as Indian Science is far behind and less productive in terms of the number of patents awarded and the number of publications per year compared to the nearest neighbour China with similar magnitude of population.

Especially, the young researchers in India need proper counselling, motivation, guidance and  lead to make leaps and bounds in their scientific career overcoming the hurdles they face each day and the purpose of this consultancy is to provide such timely expert counselling and services.